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I believe all aspects of a human being are interconnected.  Our thoughts and feelings create and shift our experience of life.  When we're in emotional or physical pain, or when we're out of balance energetically or spiritually it has an impact on all areas of our lives.  The following are brief descriptions of the sessions available here at White Willow Holistic Therapies.


Reiki  - Reiki is subtle yet powerful life force energy. Reiki sessions are deeply relaxing and often insightful, bringing movement, enlightenment, change and direction as well as peace or a sense of clarity with what is happening in your life right now.


The EMF Balancing Technique  - Each session is an energetically exciting yet deeply relaxing experience of self-discovery.  These energy-psychology coaching sessions and practices bring personal awareness of the connection to one's higher self and inner experience.  Through this work you are able to learn to manage your most precious resource, your personal energy.  What does that mean?  You have a choice between reacting to a stressful situation or responding to it from a place of deeper understanding and compassion; a process which develops wisdom and, with practice, mastery.  When you consider that your thoughts and feelings determine your experience of life and love, can you think of a more precious resource than your personal energy?


Massage -   

My massage style is deeply relaxing, quiet, rhythmic & meditative as well as therapeutically effective.  I combine 30 minutes of Swedish massage with 30 minutes of Reiki in a wonderful session I call The 30/30©.  Many have experienced a restful, rejuvenating brain-wave state I've defined as "floating somewhere between the worlds."

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