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You'll Just Feel Better! (ORLMT#7884)


It’s not new news that we are affected at the deepest cellular level by energy vibrating at different frequencies. Everything in the universe is made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level, including YOU!


The colors you wear or call your favorite, the food you take in, the water you drink, the air you breathe, the sounds around you, the music you love, the words spoken to you by others and the words you speak to yourself, the thoughts you have which create emotions, feelings, beliefs; all of these combine to create and shift your unique experience of life.


Disease manifests first in the body’s energetic field as the result of the vibrational frequency of negative or false thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Ignored or denied, these vibrations become more and more dense until they manifest on the physical level as disease in the body.


At White Willow Holistic Therapies, the sessions I offer help you return to energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical balance.


The EMF Balancing Technique is a beautiful method of cleansing, clearing, and balancing the electromagnetic field and energy centers of the body using powerful vibrational frequencies of intent, guided imagery and meditation.


Reiki is subtle yet powerful life force energy. Reiki sessions are deeply relaxing and often insightful, bringing movement, enlightenment, change and direction as well as a sense of peace and clarity with what is happening in your life right now.


My massage style is deeply relaxing, quiet, rhythmic & meditative as well as therapeutically effective. I combine 30 minutes of Swedish massage with 30 minutes of Reiki in a session I call The 30/30©. Many have experienced a restful, rejuvenating brain-wave state I've defined as "floating somewhere between the worlds.”

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